Cory Ossum


Crystal Sinclair


Crystal:   Hi! I'm Crystal!

Cory: Hey, I'm Cory! So Crystal & I have known one another for more than a decade.

From the get-go we've always worked on businesses together & have this creative flow that allows us to come up with some leading edge ideas within the parameters of our passions.

Crystal: Ya! I used to own a local fashion magazine in the Okanagan which was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I was so proud that magazine! Cory used to write the entertainment section & perform the interviews.

Cory: Remember our first fashion show that I emcee'd? You should really see Crystal in her element. Those girls looked like Victoria Secret Models by the time she was done with them!

Crystal:  Yes! That was so much fun! I really had my heart & soul into the magazine & fashion shows. We also put on a Fashion, Music & Arts Festival one year right in downtown Kelowna. We are always on the lookout for new adventures to go on!


Cory: Yes! We love adventure! I gotta give most of the credit to Crystal though, she is definitely the backbone in the business & she keeps everything so organized. I would not be where I am today without her knowledge & expertise.


Crystal:  Oh stop! Cory is the by far the burning fire in the business. His energy is so contagious. He's honestly like a pot of coffee on 2 feet haha!


He loves getting up on stage, behind the mic, in front of the camera & is always down for networking with new people. His writing skills are unparalleled, we call him the wordsmith round these parts!

Cory: I reckon we're a force to be reckoned with! Haha! The 2 main ingredients that make us work so well together is we're both service oriented in a leadership role & have solution based mindsets. 


Crystal is a marketing master, a designer debutante & has one heck of an eye for new opportunities. She began Hosting Executive Guests around 2 and a half years ago and has gained the wisdom it takes to run this type of business.

Crystal:   Ya I saw immediate success & learned all about the Art of Hosting by trial & error. Im super confident now in knowing exactly what our guests desire & we are extremely excited to take on more properties.


Cory came across the idea to rent homes & condos from owners as a long-term Tenant & expand our Hosting Abilities in the Hospitality Industry. I thought that was such a brilliant idea because now WE can be The Perfect Tenant! The next obvious step was to create a company, right? Welcome to Venture Abroad!

Cory: Exactly! I talked to a pile of friends & family who rent out their home and realized that the biggest issue was finding a trusting tenant who will take care of their place like it's their own.


Venture Abroad IS that trusting tenant! We essentially move in, fix up the place & stage it as a themed listing, then cater to travellers from around the world to give them an At-Home Experience at affordable rates compared to a hotel stay.

Crystal:  It's the perfect model to us because we create a Win/Win/Win situation for The Home Owner, The Traveller & Venture Abroad. By giving the Home Owners peace of mind knowing their property is gonna stay in impeccable shape without having to worry about rent getting paid on time.


By giving The Travellers a beautiful place to stay at an affordable rate & making sure they have all the info on local events, great restaurants & so on.


And finally Venture Abroad. We make it all work as a well oiled machine and reap the benefits with our Integrative Business & creating long-lasting Relationships with The Home Owners & Travellers.

Cory: Yes! We are in this for the long-term with our partners. We are all about developing ourselves into the successful business owners of the future. We believe that in order to grow Venture Abroad at scale, we must grow ourselves first with focused mindsets & constant practice within our fields of expertise.


With our combined capabilities & skillsets plus the teachings of our mentors, we can achieve anything & make the world a better place for everyone! Then continue to grow by contributing our knowledge to mentees of our own & continue our legacy beyond the grave.

Crystal:   Couldn't have said it better myself! So please feel free to drop us a line & see how we can help make your lives better with Venture Abroad as the vehicle. Email, Phone, Text or PM us through social media links provided below. We're excited to meet you and have a phenomenal day friends!

Cory:  Yes! Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you soon! Cheers! Woo!