The Road Ahead...

 Imagine 10 years into the future after perpetually pursuing & consistently creating your vision for a better life & world through your business.

What does that look like?

Better yet, what does that feel like?

We believe that in order to find the success we are pursuing in our business, we must use this process to clarify our goals we choose to accomplish.



So we started brainstorming "How big do we wanna build this?" & "Where do we wanna go?" So once we asked & answered these questions, we worked our way backwards to figure out what it's gonna take yearly, monthly, weekly & daily to achieve these goals!

So in the same fashion, let's start off on a global scale...

International  Acclaim

We actually named our company Venture Abroad as more of a statement than a name. As a feeling to be exact. So flying across vast oceans to plant ourselves in the middle of an entirely different culture than our own... is a no-brainer.

Our vision consists of choosing countries, one at a time, with the help of our social media followers and spending 1 month per quarter annual getting to know the people & culture.


Creating a network in the local community of the city, town or village. Then find our first property & make it homebase to work from while we expand within that country.

We will Venture to a new country every quarter (4 a year) beginning 2021. Each country will have it's own adventure name for that quarter like "Venture: Cabo"

or "Venture: Thailand" for example. We will bring a production crew & document each adventure in that 3 month span.


This will keep our SM followers & business associates involved, entertained & updated along our journey around the globe. We will then approach Netflix & sign a big deal. Then receive an Oscar or something of that nature. No. Big. Deal.

Our main focus is to always have fun & be playful to balance out the triple beam of Pleasure & Business.


With success comes money. With money comes the ability to support Charity for the less fortunate. It's a necessary duty as a human being in our opinion. 

The (to be announced) Foundation we created will support the communities in need of aid in each country we Venture to.


Building homes, supplying nutrition & being of service to people Abroad will close the gap on different cultures banding together for a much larger purpose... One Human Race. One Collective World.


"The only way we can really make a huge impact on this planet is to be wildy successful in whatever business we choose to undertake. It's actually the most selfless thing a person can do."

~Cory Ossum


Our Okanagan

Right in the heart of southern British Columbia lies a beautiful mixture of lakes, mountains & desert landscapes. Many call it paradise. We call it home.

The City of Kelowna resides on world-famous Lake Okanagan which is sometimes referred to as Kelownafornia because of it's similar attributes to our US neighbour just south of us. Nothing but hot sandy beaches in the summer and 3 nearby ski hills for winter time fun!

10's of 1000's of people flock here for seasonal activities throughout the year which makes it the prime spot to set up properties to give visitors a home-like experience while enjoying the reason they came here.

We believe we can give travellers what they are looking for and some! We plan on providing them with more than a place to stay. We want to give them an experience they'll remember and take back to tell their friends & family.

Our plan is to set up 1 new property per month moving forward. With the help of business associates, SM followers & YOU we will definitely surpass this projection!