Are you a Home Owner or a Traveller?


This is your one stop shop to cruise around & find out what we do, how we do it & most importantly why we do it!

The What...

We are a Property Hosting Company homebased in the Popular World Renowned Okanagan in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

The How...

It's simple! We team up with motivated homeowners, pay them monthly rent & become hosts to accommodate travellers locally & around this blue little spec of dirt we call earth! Plus a lot of other cool stuff.

The Why...

Times are a changing! We believe the current structure of the rental game are a thing of the past & we aim to bring peace & clarity to the lives of many by using our win/win/win model for Travellers, Home Owners & Investors alike.


The REAL Why...

Deep down we have this accumulated passion to travel the globe & help out as many fellow humans as we can! We built this business under that core value.


 While sitting on a warehouse of unique ideas & massive pinpoint plans to Venture Abroad & reign down an apocalyptic sized meteor Impact of Love & Prosperity into whoever crosses our path in Business & Pleasure. 


So remember, we are building this from the very fabric to which we live our lives upon with Integrity, Honesty, Love, Gratitude & Humour (: We tend to have a lot of Fun :)


Like our slogan says... Venture Abroad is more than just a name, It's a deep down rumble of great feeling we all, as humans, are born with!

Sooo who's comin with us???