The Perfect Tenant

OK, here's the scenario...

You just purchased your first Rental Home to start renting it out & make some extra money.


You're excited for this new Business Venture & now you're on the hunt for some fresh tenants to fill the house.

Now the questions pile on.

Who should we be looking for?


What should we be charging for a monthly rental fee?


When do we know that a person/family is gonna fit our criteria?


And most importantly...

How can we trust them to take care of our place & pay rent on time???


You are looking for The Perfect Tenant right?


You are looking for someone to maintain & treat your property as their own

You are looking for someone who is gonna keep it in a pristine state of cleanliness


You are looking for someone who fixes the small things & notifies you right away for the bigger issues

You are looking for someone who is gonna pay the rent on time & if you're real lucky, in advance


You're looking for a professional team to take your new investment & nurture it like it was their own

You are looking for Venture Abroad. 

- Now this is only one scenario & not limited to it. You could have a Rental Property for a decade & every time a tenant leaves, these questions might pop up.


- Or you could have many Properties and are looking for a way to cut down the time it takes to manage these properties & tenants effectively.

- Whatever the case is, WE at Venture Abroad are here to provide YOU, The Home Owner with a solution to whatever problem you may be experiencing.


- Even if there are no problems, we will just make you realize how much easier it is choosing us to be The Perfect Tenant for your property.


8 Benefits for the Home Owner

1. It will be kept in a state of pristine cleanliness & Professionally Cleaned 3-4 times a week. We have a very dedicated crew.


2. Any maintenance to the yard & in the house that costs under $100 will completed by us & only contacting you to state what was done.


3. Your Rental Property will be insured for $1,000,000 outside of your regular home insurance in case of any expensive damages done to it.



4. You, The Home Owner, will also be insured for $1,000,000 outside your regular insurance for Liability Claims from anyone staying on your Rental Property.



5. All access to the home will be governed by State-Of-The-Art digital locks that we will have total control over and in any case of emergency so will you.


6. Our executive guests are highly respectful & treat your property like they own it. We have extensive screening for travellers staying with Venture Abroad.


7. Rent will be paid On-Time & In-Full every month. If not, then it will only be because we paid  in advance to make things easier.


8. There are no hidden property managing fees. We pay you what the place is worth a month & we take care of the rest!